rock cakes.

Temperature 180 c

ingredients: 1 & 1/2 c S.R Flour 1/2 mixed spice 3/1 c butter and raw sugar 1/3 c mixed fruit 1 egg 1/4 c milk.

Method: sift the flour and mixed spices into large bowl.

2: Rub in butter into the flour mixed spice. It is ready when it resembles breadcrumbs.

3: Add raw sugar and mixed fruit with the flour mixture and stir.

4: Mix milk and egg together in small jug.

5: pour milk and egg mixture into flour and using a wooden spoon stir until combined.

6: Place 12 even spoonful’s of mixture onto your greased trays (3 rows of 4 ).

7: Bake for 15 to 20 minutes. They are ready when they are light golden brown in colour.

8: Cool rock cakes on wire rack to cool down before presenting your best three on small white plate.

My Animal.

I created an animal that is perfectly adapted to life on Maailma.

here is a description of the planet: this planet is dark and cold most of the time. it is very mountainous. it rains almost all day. Because of the wet dark conditions the only plants that grow well are small mosses and funguses. Animals on this planet include a type of mouse a large nocturnal hunting cat,  fish and a variety of insects.

Size large because it eats a lot.

How it moves it fly’s.

What does it eat it eats plants, meat and fruit.

how will it get food and water it uses its big mouth with its big teeth and drinks like a dog.

it will keep warm by its fur and its cave.

its shelter is in the mountains.

it will defend it self by flying away and try to eat them with its big mouth and teeth.


sugar solutions.

We heated the water and then put sugar cubes in the water to see if it dissovled. We did it to see what teperture dissovled the sugar cubes. The results were 11 sugar cubes dissovled in 30 degrese dissovled sugar cubes.